What You Need to Know About Google Ads

As you’ve likely noticed, the digital world is ever-changing and fast-moving. Google is the undeniable leader in setting the pace for digital evolution, so my team and I pay attention to its algorithm and services updates. Google has the ability to reach more than 90 percent of the online population, and the Google Display Network has over 2 million websites at its fingertips. In short, Google can reach the users you want to target, in an environment that is suitable for your company’s product or service.

Recently, Google announced changes to its self-service ad platform. The service we’ve known for years as Google AdWords is now known as Google Ads to reflect its many offerings. But what does this change mean for your business?

For some, advertising in the digital space might seem foreign or even a little scary. However, Google makes it very easy to set up, execute and measure digital ad campaigns on its platform, and Google Ads offers an entire suite of products — search, display, mobile, video and shopping.

Getting Started With Google

If you’re just getting started with Google Ads, you might look into Google Ads certification, which will help prepare you so you can set up the most effective campaigns possible. The Google Ads certification assessments are given in many parts, and you can take them at your leisure. Online resources and study guides are available to help you prepare.

Although Google Ads certification may seem somewhat daunting, it’s actually an easy and interesting task. As someone who recently received my Google certifications, I can say that I learned a lot, and I feel even more confident within the platform now.

As an agency, Envoy works with a variety of clients, all with unique needs, so having the knowledge I gained through the certification process is crucial. Even if you’re a one-person marketing department, Google’s certifications will help you become more comfortable and adept with its platforms, which is a long-term benefit to your company and your career.

Don’t let the rapid pace of the digital world overwhelm you. If you have questions about how your business can benefit from Google Ads, the Google Display Network or other types of digital advertising, reach out to our media team at talktome@envoyinc.com.

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