All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Stock Photography

At Envoy, we’re always looking for ways to improve our work–life balance. Sometimes what we do at work can influence the way we live our lives away from the office. For example, as a web designer, I spend a lot of time on stock photography websites looking for the perfect photo to go with a design. Over the years, I’ve learned some great life lessons from those stock photo websites, and I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully, you’ll find them as invaluable as I have.


Be nice to your child’s teacher. Remember, until very recently, she was an international supermodel, and all that world travel can really take it out of you.


Don’t worry about parenting teenagers. It’s easy! They’ll always love and respect you and will never cause you any grief.


Families are hilarious.


Beware shady characters in dark alleys wearing hoodies. They’re hackers.


Make room in your backyard for all the sprouts people will offer you from their cupped hands.


If you’re a mother working from home, your day will go much more smoothly if you hold your child throughout the day.


Spend a few minutes every day stretching the muscles in your face. You don’t want to injure yourself when you run into computer problems.


If you’re a high school student, get to school early because the hallway will invariably be blocked by packs of roaming students who stop every few feet to climb on each other and take group photos.


Kids learn early on how much fun it is to block the hallways in school.


Practice writing vertically and in reverse for when you’re asked to show a diagram to your co-workers from behind a pane of glass.


Be patient with your customer service representative when you call to complain about your garbage pick-up. She’s working two jobs to make ends meet. Just three hours ago, she was at her other job on a Paris runway modeling for Versace.


The best way to maximize your productivity and efficiency is have your entire office share one laptop.


Violating your co-workers’ personal space is hilarious.


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