Welcome to the New EnvoyInc.com

Ever notice how nurses tend to neglect their own health? Or how hair stylists often don’t have the most, well, stylish hair? The same sort of thing goes for advertising agencies – or this one, at least. You see, when you work all day focusing like crazy on your clients, you tend to forget that you occasionally need to market yourself.

And so it begins. Quietly. Somebody mentions it at a traffic meeting: “Guys, you know our site could probably use a redesign.” (Heads nod and murmur over their iPhones) Then somebody forms a committee… that meets once. Everyone knows it needs to be done, but there are clients whose needs must always trump those of the agency.

More time passes. The job languishes and, month by month, gets pushed ever farther into the shimmering distance. Until somebody finally has enough, takes the reins and lights a fire under the creative team. And a few months of cajoling and prodding later… you have a new website.

Then you sit back and look. And you know what? It’s not too bad! In fact, it’s pretty good! Clean. Intuitive, even. Not too much copy. And all the relevant information, right where you need it. That wasn’t too bad, was it?

So welcome to the new EnvoyInc.com. Poke around and explore. Have a look at our work (navigation is easy and everything loads quickly, we promise!) You can even drop us a line if you like. Heck if you’d like us to buy you lunch to discuss how Envoy can help you with social media, digital ads, a new website – or just want to have lunch, call us!

…Our site redesign committee meets next month.