Agency Account Services Manager


As a part of the Envoy Account Services Team, the manager is responsible for account leader support and may involve daily contact between the agency and one or more client accounts. The account services manager interfaces with various agency departments to move projects through on behalf of the client. This includes meeting with the creative team concerning creative issues and input, the media director concerning media issues, the public relations director concerning publicity, the director of interactive marketing concerning interactive projects, and the production manager concerning scheduling and timing.

The account services manager has major input in supporting the strategic marketing process for agency clients. After plans are developed and presented to clients, the account services manager is responsible for assigning milestones and carrying out the tactics on a daily basis.

The account services manager assists in gaining new business from existing clients and may be asked to participate in new business activities.

The agency account services manager reports to the Director of Account Services and to the Partner in charge of the account.


Minimum Requirements

Further Success Factors

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