Integrated Campaign Dramatically Increases Call Volumes

Nebraska Family Helpline

Future Babies

Nebraska Family Helpline is a 24x7 resource for parents across the state of Nebraska. It is funded by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services and is operated by Boys Town, which has long operated its own private crisis line nationwide. With decreasing call volumes, the Helpline needed a new creative campaign to remind Nebraskans of this valuable free service.

The Objectives

Envoy was tasked with developing a new marketing campaign that would:

  • Increase overall increase call volume
  • Increase calls from younger parents
  • Continue to raise awareness that the Helpline offered advice on a variety of parenting issues, not just teen issues

To meet these objectives, Envoy developed a simple but compelling concept that came to be known as "Future Babies."

The Solution

At the heart of the concept was the notion that every kid with problems — from the 7-year-old who bites his sister to the 17-year-old who skips class to smoke pot — was once a beautiful, happy baby. A series of television spots featured joyful babies and toddlers smiling and cooing at the camera, while a narrator told each baby’s problematic "Future Story." Regardless of the story, each spot ended with the simple, memorable line, "Raising kids is hard. It's OK to ask for advice."

This simple yet compelling message was most important to the client, communicating that the Nebraska Helpline is more than just a teen crisis line. It is a resource for parents of all ages and backgrounds, and there's no shame in asking for help. Print, radio and online ads supported television, with all campaign elements focused on the Helpline phone number.

The Results

Measurement confirmed that the campaign met all of its objectives:

Increase call volume

Throughout the campaign, there was indeed a dramatic increase in call volume. Callers who reported seeing or hearing TV or radio spots increased 49 percent over the previous period, when the f old creative had been running.

Increase calls from parents with younger children

The secondary goal was also achieved, with calls from parents of children in the 4 to 12 age range at the highest percentage since the Helpline began. In fact, 57 percent of callers who saw "Future Babies" TV ads were parents of children 12 and younger. In the previous three campaign time periods, children 12 and younger made up no more than 33 percent.

Continue to raise awareness of the Helpline

Even into the third year of the campaign, the numbers continued to grow dramatically. Inbound calls increased from an average of 361 per month to 546 in September 2015, with 378 coming from first-time callers. This was the most significant increase in call volume since the Helpline’s inception in 2010.

The campaign has proved an ongoing success. Now entering its third year, each new version has seen slight creative tweaking and freshening, but the fundamental concept remains, as does the reassuring and memorable call to action.

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