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Hiland Dairy

'Meal Planning With Hiland' Email Series

Brand loyalty is built not only by providing consumers with consistently superior products, but also by engaging with consumers beyond the sale to improve their lives in measurable ways. With this in mind, Envoy proposed a new element to Hiland Dairy’s content strategy for 2017: email series, or "tracks," that would give Hiland customers useful original content on topics relevant to their daily lives.

The Solution

Covering health and fitness, the email series did very well with customers resolved to improve their diets and become more active in the new year and beyond. The second email track continued the health theme, but added an economical component and covered the subject of meal planning. Envoy developed emails and accompanying landing pages that focused on four specific areas where meal planning could save customers time and money.

In addition to original content, each part of the “Meal Planning With Hiland” email series offered a recipe featuring Hiland Dairy products and coupons that recipients could use to save money on those featured products. The content was concise and compelling, and the design was clean and inviting, incorporating Hiland’s new look and feel with lifestyle images.

Envoy developed a comprehensive online campaign, which we promoted through the following channels:

  • Social media posts
  • Native ad placements with contextual targeting
  • Social media display ads within Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram
  • The Hiland newsletter

In addition, influencer marketing played a large part in promoting the email track, as Envoy distributed the “Meal Planning With Hiland” track to online influencers who readily promoted it to their audiences.

The Results

After the last email of the series, Envoy sent a follow-up email and survey to everyone who signed up for the “Meal Planning With Hiland” track to solicit consumer feedback. More than 70 people responded to the survey, and their responses were overwhelmingly positive, praising the quality and value of the content.

Because the email tracks have been successful for Hiland, other tracks are planned, which will add to an increasing library of original content that will keep Hiland customers engaged with the brand.

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