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The holidays are a key time for brands to promote their companies, their initiatives and their products. Hiland Dairy wanted to find an interesting way to increase their digital presence and engagement on social media during the holiday season. The idea for a holiday memories campaign on social media was developed to celebrate the consumer while increasing awareness and engagement using one of the brand’s strongest tools: storytelling. The #HilandHoliday social media contest encouraged consumers to share their favorite holiday memories by submitting pictures to the contest via hashtag on social media or the campaign landing page for the chance to win a year of free dairy products from Hiland Dairy.

The Objectives

The #HilandHoliday social media contest encouraged consumers to share their holiday stories and memories with the brand while celebrating within the digital community. The objectives from this campaign were to:

  • Increase social media followers of the brand
  • Encourage engagement on social media platforms
  • Increase brand awareness of Hiland Dairy products during the holiday season
  • Showcase how Hiland Dairy products are often a part of many family holiday traditions

The Solution

Envoy identified the hashtag #HilandHoliday and developed a landing page where consumers could upload their photo submissions to the contest. In addition to the landing page, consumers could participate on various social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Submissions were displayed in a gallery on the landing page along with user-generated captions of the memories, creating a digital community.

The Results

The contest generated hundreds of submissions and thousands of engagements and impressions within the month-long campaign period.

  • 11,747 visitors to the gallery
  • 26,781 landing page views
  • 237 gallery uploads (from landing page and Twitter submissions)
  • 52 Instagram submissions
  • 30 Facebook submission
  • 290 followers gained on Facebook
  • 41 followers gained on Instagram
  • 34 followers gained on Twitter
  • 3.6K overall platform engagements
  • 796.8K overall platform impressions

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