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Hiland Dairy

A Blog That Expands the Brand

Hiland Dairy is a regional producer of dairy products, serving customers throughout the Midwest, Southwest and Mountain regions. Though it has had an online presence since the mid-1990s, Hiland was searching for a way to connect with consumers on a deeper and more meaningful level.

The development of a blog seemed to be an ideal way to reach consumers and increase the number of total weekly engagements with them, while supporting seasonal sales and increasing overall customer loyalty. It also seemed to be a good way to reinforce a consumer’s decision to purchase Hiland Dairy products and leverage current and emerging trends, such as protein-rich, high-fat and gluten-free foods.

The Solution

In order to work, the blog, now dubbed The Hiland Home, would have to provide valuable original content on a regular basis — and on an accelerated schedule. This original content was to consist of recipes that feature Hiland Dairy products in addition to various tips, tricks and lifehacks that had a dairy connection. The name The Hiland Home would appear in print and online advertising, giving a campaign-like feel to the endeavor and driving consumers to the blog. Social media also drove consumers to The Hiland Home by highlighting recipes and promoting contests. The blog also allowed Hiland Dairy to promote seasonal products, such as egg nog and new flavors, in a native manner that can be more effective than traditional hard-sell advertising methods.

The Results was formally launched in February of 2015 and has been promoted through a variety of media, both traditional and online. In the year since its inception, the site has seen an incredible amount of activity, including:

In addition, visitors were right-in-line with the company's target demographic, with

65.7% female and 75% between the ages of 25 and 64.

The power of social media was amply demonstrated in one statistic:

Of the blog posts promoted on Facebook,
of visitors came from those promotions.

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