Integrated Marketing Campaign Educates Consumers, Increases Engagement and Shatters Giveaway Entry Goals

Hiland Dairy

'Think 30' Campaign

Advertising that’s good for you? In this case, the answer is a resounding “yes.” As a respected regional dairy, Hiland produces farm-fresh, wholesome milk and dairy foods, including cheese, yogurt, dips and more — foods packed with protein, which nutrition experts say most people need to consume more of.

The Objectives

Challenged with raising awareness about the need for increased protein consumption and promoting the high-quality protein available in dairy foods, Envoy developed an integrated marketing campaign for Hiland, tying it to a national awareness campaign run by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP).

The Solution

Envoy developed an integrated marketing campaign based on the tagline “Think 30” and promoted how dairy foods pack a high-quality protein punch that makes the 30-grams goal easier (and tastier) to achieve.

Because the “Think 30” campaign was a cornerstone of Hiland’s 2016 marketing strategy, Envoy developed #HilandProtein and integrated the campaign throughout every marketing channel Hiland leverages.

The campaign included promotion for a monthly giveaway, and each winner received a prize package of a fitness tracker, a protein shaker bottle and a Hiland coupon pack.

The Results

Hiland’s “Think 30” campaign successfully raised awareness of the protein value of milk and dairy foods, and the campaign results showed that Envoy’s strategy and efforts met or exceeded Hiland’s goals.

Throughout the campaign, Hiland Dairy was delighted as the numbers rolled in. Better yet, consumers received an important health message during the campaign. The need for protein in our diets remains relevant, so maybe another “Think 30” campaign is in Hiland’s future.

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