Email Campaign Enjoys Spectacular Open Rate,
Increases Email Sign-Ups by Over 500 Percent

Boys Town

Toddler Track Email Series

It's one thing to get your target audience to click on a link or open an email. But how do you engage with them over time — really engage with them? This was the challenge Envoy faced with Boys Town. We not only needed to develop original content and repurpose current content, but we also had to make that content valuable enough that it would engage its intended audience over a period of weeks, rather than just minutes.

The Solution

Over the past 100 years, Boys Town has developed deep expertise in parenting skills and techniques, and the organization's experts have produced a library of information on those subjects. As an authority on parenting, Boys Town was ideally suited to offer original content centered on various parenting issues, which allows for a more strategic marketing approach. Once we drove the audience in, Boys Town could then parcel out materials and information over the course of several weeks. We called this concept "the track."

The "Toddler Track" was to be the first track launched. Each week, those who opted in by clicking on a web banner or Google ad would receive a series of emails with advice from Boys Town parenting experts on a particular facet of raising a toddler. Each email also included a teaching activity and a social skill for either the parent or the toddler to learn.

The Results

This particular subject hit home with parents, and it reshaped Boys Town's marketing strategy. The results of the new track model showed an increase in the stream of engagers and e-newsletter sign-ups by more than 500 percent in comparison to the sign-up rate with past ads. The target audience was willing to provide their contact information in order to receive the tracks, and Boys Town increased from a few hundred new engagers per month to more than 20,000 per month. In addition, the 34 percent average open rate was significantly higher than with previous emails, and this rate was sustained over the track's six-week campaign.

Since the success of the Toddler Track, other tracks have followed, including a Potty-training Track, a Sleep Issues Track and a Teen Track. All of these topics and tracks are designed to keep the audience engaged over time as they receive valuable original content. And, thanks to the deep reservoir of parenting knowledge from which Boys Town can draw, the track model is set to be sustainable long into the future.

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